Inner Wisdom
Prevent * Relax * Renew * Heal

I am currently available at 2 different locations. Addresses and contact information are listed on the home page. My private office is located in Pawtucket, RI. I am available in Wickford one Tuesdays a month. Sorry I do not take credit cards. 
                         Evening hours are available.

Intake and Assessment: $150 During the first session we will review your life and medical history. Discussing goals and intentions for treatment. It is also a goal to educate and empower you in the process. As I am treating I will be observing and assessing the condition of the alignment of the body structure, range of motion in the joints, muscle tension, flexibility, cranial rhythm and the energy level of the 12 major meridians of the body. This process takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours depending on the complexity of the history and what we need to discuss before and after. Remember that this time is an investment in your health and well-being. The more information that I can gather on your physical, emotional and mental health the easier it is to form a treatment plan to address all the issues that lead towards balance and healing. 

The Transformational Shiatsu Session: $130                                                                                                   
A two hour treatment session done on a massage table over comfortable clothing. Transformational healing uses the power of touch, energy and movement to encourage physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual harmony. The focus is on strengthening the natural healing mechanisms we all possess to dissipate the negative effects of stress on the body. Promoting better overall health and resistance to disease. Balancing body, mind and spirit for total health and healing. Designed to prevent, relax, renew, empower and heal. The session begins with a pulse and palpation assessment to evaluate specific needs. Guided meditation is used to bring inner focus and breathe awareness. This relaxes, rejuvenates and activates the inner healing process. I start on the belly to stimulate blood flow to the organs and activate the core. I read the body and there is a fusion of multiple techniques to suit individual needs. Shiatsu and Craniosacral Therapy form the core of my work. The core extends to a web of related techniques. Check my technique page for details on all modalities that may be integrated. Techniques include palm and finger pressure along the vibrational pathways of energy called meridians, rocking, rotations, stretching and reflexology. The session ends with a Chakra Balancing and integration meditation. This may be followed with coaching and life style suggestions to improve health. 

All the modalities that I use are based on the Eastern philosophy of creating balance and flow. I also have a very strong background in Western massage, anatomy, physiology and pathology. Through years of experience I have witnessed the miraculous ability of the human body-spirit to heal from all types of illness and trauma when guided and nurtured. I am a guide and a partner on this journey to help you reach a state of peace, fulfillment and health. 

How does it Work? 

The goal of Transformational healing is to discover the root cause of dysfunctions and unwind entrenched patterns. To release habitual restrictions in the body tissues, thought patterns, and nervous system. As layers of tension and stress dissolve, you experience an increased awareness of your body and become more in touch with internal energy. Your inner physician and body wisdom is awakened. This allows cellular memory, and internal stress to surface and release, leading to a sense of feeling balanced, whole and complete. Physical symptoms may dissipate and resolve, emotions balance and there is serenity of mind. My clients have reported experiencing a new sense of life purpose, clearer focus, and a feeling of ease in setting priorities. A space of tranquility is created which is a vehicle for inner peace, confidence and creativity that promotes true inner healing and balance. Since I am working on the energetic level the treatment continues to work after the session ends. Opening the mind to a new realm of awareness and possibility. 

IMRS (Intelligent Magnetic Resonance System) 
$45- 30 minute session including reflexology/foot massage
$10 extra with any 2 hour session 
The IMRS is a wellness device that uses low intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields, (PEMF) just like those naturally emanating from the Earth, to “recharge” the cells and promote overall health and healing. The technology uses the square wave that has been proven by NASA to be the most effective signal for pain relief, regeneration and recovery from injury. It also utilizes a biorhythm clock to ensure the body receives energizing frequencies in the early part of the day, and relaxing frequencies in the evening. It also includes a biofeedback component that adjusts to your body frequency and is programmed with 250 medical conditions and settings for using the pillow, probe or whole body pad. Benefits: Eliminates electronic smog. (The negative energy we are absorbing from electronics) Prevents and improves bone loss, promotes recovery from injury or surgery. Improves oxygenation levels in the body, increases vitality, relaxes and balances. SLRS (Integrated Sound & Light Relaxation System) can best be described as a “spa for your brain.” It works with the IMRS to melt away stress, improve oxygen circulation to your brain, deepens your ability to relax, promotes restorative sleep, integrates the right (Creative mind) with the left. (Analytical mind) It naturally improves emotional balance, Increases mental focus, clarity and productivity. 

Transformational Massage / Shiatsu, Kripalu & Hawaiian Lomi Lomi: $130
A 2 hour combo massage. This treatment is an energetic dance of touch, movement and relaxation. Similar in format to the transformational session, except with a focus of using lotion on skin. Gliding on the skin, instead of the usual palm and finger pressure techniques, accesses the Meridian lines. For those who wish to have the experience of a regular massage with the therapeutic values of eastern techniques. This session can be done fully draped or for full integration of stretching techniques with massage it can be done by wearing short gym shorts, sports bra or tank top.

Ear Coning 
Ear Coning unblocks the ears and sinuses. Add ear coning to your session for and additional $25. 

Wellness Consultant: It is my goal to guide and empower you to take charge of your health and happiness. I am available for Life Coaching, Spiritual Journeying and Feng Shui Consultations (Creating flow and health in your environment and in your life). I may advise you on life style changes. Suggestions for self-treatment and therapeutic exercises, yoga, meditation and breathing techniques for optimum health. 
Corporate Wellness Consulting: Creating a healthy work environment. Enhance flow and productivity in the work environment. Corporate Yoga - Simple exercises that can be done at the workstation to reduce fatigue, back and eyestrain, carpal tunnel, increase energy and productivity. Corporate Chair Massage - Reduce stress, prevent repetitive motion injuries, back strain and increase productivity through offering 15-30 minute chair sessions.

Art Therapy: With a background in art I have an affinity for using it as a vehicle for healing and self-expression.  If this type of therapy resonates with you, I will coach you around using it.

Transformation through Shamanic Wisdom: 
Available in the Pawtucket office. Medicine bag readings, prayer bundles, soul retrievals. I combine ancient wisdom with energy and bodywork to assist with healing and spiritual development.

Medicine bag Reading: Similar to a card reading. You pick stones or other objects of nature from each direction of the medicine wheel within the medicine bag. A reading is then done based on the objects picked their history and direction picked from. 

Prayer Bundles: I will guide you through this process which is a vehicle for sending your prayers out into the Universe. 

Soul Retrieval and Spiritual Journeying: Guided meditation combined with techniques to open the subconscious. The goal of Spiritual Journeying is to assist you in connecting to your inner truth and your spiritual nature. The goal of Soul Retrieval is to reconnect to aspects of yourself that may have been suppressed or sent away due to trauma and stress.Techniques.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
Services Offered
Two Hour Sessions
Therapeutic in nature. Designed to relax and heal. Facilitates unwinding of issues down to the cellular level. 
Details on this and descriptions of individual modalities and photos of techniques can be found on the technique and theory page.Techniques.htmlTechniques.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1
Gift Certificates
are available for all services and workshops. Give a special gift. The gift of touch, health relaxation, transformation and rejuvenation.
Cancellation Policy
Please give 24 hours notice if you must cancel an appointment. My schedule is very busy and I very often have a waiting list. Notice allows me to serve more people. 
There will be a charge for                   missed appointments.
Sliding Scale
I believe that affordable health care is important for all. After the first initial intake and visit a sliding scale is possible for those without financial means. This will be considered on an individual basis. Available in the Pawtucket office only.
Phone Consultations
Wellness Coaching Sessions. Continuous Support in helping you reach your goals between treatments. Allow me to assist you in the process as the body shifts and insight and awareness emerges.
($1.00 Minute)
Chair Massage 
Available for your business or social event. Reduce stress and increase focus and productivity in the work place. Add something special to your wedding day, party or reunion.  Fee is negotiable depending on the event and situation.
Teaching Workshops: Feel free to contact me if you are interested in hosting a class. Please check the workshop page for topics and current class listings.Workshops.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0